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by Liesel Shurtliff

I love this book it is a good book so much better than Rump.

by Pam Munoz Ryan

it is very good so far

by Betsy Schow

This is a epic fairy tale twist. I would totally recommend this book to other girls of boys like me because it kind of talks about how you have to be a brave person no matter what happens.It shows perseverance.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn


jessie livin' the life
by pamela ells o'connell

Zuri got to take home the pet bunny from school. When it was Jessie's turn to feed the bunny she opened the cage and grabbed the shovel when Jessie looked away to grab the food out of the bag the bunny escaped. When Jessie turned around she saw that the bunny was missing. she looked everywhere in the penthouse but she couldn't find Lucy the bunny. When Jessie was looking under the couch cushions she found a five dollar bill she looked around and saw nobody around so she slipped the the five dollar bill in her pocket. Ravi was coming down the stairs and saw Jessie put the five dollar bill in her pocket. When Jessie finally found the bunny had already had 19 babies!

jessie new nanny
by pamela eells o' connell

Jessie gets hired to become a nanny of four children. The kids are starting school and one of the kids Zuri gets home work but she doesn't want to do it. Jessie tells her that she can do it and Zuri says its not that hard after all. Jessie tries to teach the kids to get along with each other.

Conspiracy 365 Black Ops Hunted
by Gabrielle Lord

Cal made new friends to help along the way. Cal and Zak went to free a prisoner on a nearby island and Sophie and Ariel went to free prisoner under a mountain. Cal wanted to make sure Ryan was off the island before they left on their boat.

by Cynthia Hand

I would recommend this book to others because it is interesting and full of surprises.

by Peg Kehret

Great book. I would not have seen the kidnapping coming if this were reality. It felt life-like while reading about the characters.

Black Ops Conspiracy 365 Missing
by Gabrielle Lord

Cal's brother, Ryan, was nowhere to be found and Cal was put into challenges that he didn't know what was happening. He ended up passing the test and went undercover to Shadow Island because of weird things the agency was suspecting.
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