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Live Original
by Sadie Robertson

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I really like this book because... she talks about how to live original. She also talks about how to stay true to her values and keeps it real.

Amelia Bedelia Shapes Up
by Herman Parish

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Ameila Bedelia and her class did Greek games. She was counting how many meters she ran for a school contest. She got second place in all of the games.

Nancy Drew: Without a Trace
by Carolyn Keene

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I liked it was mysterious and cool. I'd like to read more of the books and love the books. My favorite part was when she found out the clues. The saddest thing was that she fell.

The Fellowship of the Ring
by J.R.R. Tolkien

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It was an awesome book because the adventure begins and Frodo leaves the Shire to destroy the ring.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
by J.k. Rowling

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I loved the book because you learned about so mean different beasts and where they are and what they eat. That's what I like about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild!
by Herman Parish

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I liked this book because Amelia Bedelia tried to set up a zoo in her backyard. She had all her friends help and they used their pets as animals in the zoo.

Artemis Fowl The Arctic Incident
by Eoin Colfer

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Artemis Fowl Artic Incident was a great book! Artemis saved his dad from the Russian Mafia. It was an exciting book.

Crenshaw By Katherine Applegate
by Katherine Applegate

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I love the book. It is sad, good, and has a good lesson to it. The lesson is that you should never give up and that life is not fair. I liked that he helped his family. All kids need somebody like Crenshaw that is always there.

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